Pre-College ADvising


We level the playing field for ASAP students by providing one-on-one support from staff and volunteers with expertise in the college application process, and a level of individualized guidance and encouragement. 

Our goal is to empower students to believe that college is possible and accessible to them.  

The ASAP office, located inside Mission High School, is open every day as a unique college counseling and support space that assists students with the college application process including choosing schools to apply to, personal statement writing and the financial aid processes that follow. We help year round with CSU, UC, Common apps, and other general college applications including applying for FAFSA or Dream Act. We also are always available to help with applying to scholarships and even give out some of our own to students.

We provide a physical space right on campus where we support all ASAP students in realizing their full potential for college readiness, providing guidance during every step of the college preparation process.


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