ASAP's map of colleges alum have gone off to.

ASAP's map of colleges alum have gone off to.

My favorite part of ASAP is the help of the volunteers and staff. I knew that when I went into ASAP, there would always be someone in there to help me.
— Leonida, Class of 2013

“ASAP is more than just college help. ASAP helped to pull me out of the darkness I hid in for so long, and I can’t ever repay that, but I am eternally grateful.”

- Tina

"Being a part of ASAP meant having a circle of friends, classmates, teammates, and counselors where I felt secure and empowered by so many wonderful people.”

- Joanna

Judy and Jamie gave me a lot of guidance. It was really helpful to talk with them about my options and to get their feedback. I could have done it on my own, but it would have been a lot more difficult. We don’t have parents who went to college or who know how to help us. ASAP is the link that connects us to colleges.
— Carmen

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