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Our Students

Students Speak About ASAP


“My favorite part of ASAP is the help of the volunteers and staff. I knew that when I went into ASAP, there would always be someone in there to help me.”


“ASAP is more than just college help. ASAP helped to pull me out of the darkness I hid in for so long, and I can’t ever repay that, but I am eternally grateful.”


“Being a part of ASAP meant having a circle of friends, classmates, teammates, and counselors where I felt secure and empowered by so many wonderful people.”


Elena doubts that she would be where she is today without the unwavering encouragement and support she has received from Mr. Kennedy. “He’s not only my P.E. coach, he’s a father and friend to me. Whenever I have a problem in school or in my social life, he’s always there to help me think things … Continue reading >>


“Applying to so many colleges is a lot of work, and Michael says that the could not have done it without help from ASAP. “They gave me a lot of guidance and kept me focused n things like deadlines. Most important, they motivated me to apply to the best colleges. Everyone at ASAP is open … Continue reading >>


“Living on campus Lucy had her first experience sharing space with strangers and being responsible for planning her day without adults reminding her of what she had to do. The biggest eye-opener was learning about the lives of her classmates.” This past summer, Lucy spent eight weeks getting better acquainted with the medical world she … Continue reading >>


“Judy and Jamie gave me a lot of guidance. It was really helpful to talk with them about my options and to get their feedback. I could have done it on my own, but it would have been a lot more difficult. We don’t have parents who went to college or who know how to … Continue reading >>


“This past summer Lynn attended the eight-week pediatric internship in biomedicine and health at UCSF. The social skills she acquired there, she says, were as useful to her as the knowledge she gained about the medical field.” Lynn 9/3/07 This past summer Lynn attended the eight-week pediatric internship in biomedicine and health at UCSF. The …Continue reading >>


“Having tested her academic skills and proven her independence at Cornell, Desiree feels prepared to tackle the challenges that lie ahead at Dominican. “I’m ready to go,” she says, “and I can’t wait to get there.” Desiree 9/20/08 The first time Desiree visited Dominican College in Marin County, she knew immediately that she had found … Continue reading >>


“I had high SAT scores, but I think playing soccer and being well-rounded helped me get accepted to Harvard. I’ve been privileged to have lots of opportunities and to learn from teachers who really care about their students.” Thomas 9/28/08 Thomas’ writing talent was evident to his middle-school teacher who encouraged him to apply to … Continue reading >>

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