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Introducing FREE SAT prep, thanks to Magoosh!

Worried about getting a good SAT score? Are you struggling to find quality SAT prep? Do you just not like boring text books? Are you having a hard time fitting a prep class in your schedule?

Starting now, ASAP students have an amazing opportunity to receive interactive online prep for SAT, GMAT, GRE tests. This program is free, easy, and flexible with your schedule. You can access SAT prep resources online and on your phone. It’s a great way to get extra SAT practice in before the big test day!

This resource is provided to students – for free – thanks to ASAP’s partnership with Magoosh, an online video-based test-prep company located in Berkeley, CA. Their GRE, GMAT and SAT product were born from the question, “Why should students have to take expensive, inconvenient classes or use outdated books with poor explanations to prep for tests”? Visit to find out how we can help you prep for these tests!

To sign up for free SAT prep, come to ASAP (Room 104) and we’ll help you get set up in just a few minutes! We encourage you to take advantage of this awesome resource!

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